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About Academy

TGH Academy is an initiative under TGH Tech that offers cutting-edge courses in UI/UX, Flutter, front-end, and back-end development. This initiative forces the hiring of exceptional individuals through this flagship program. Its mission extends beyond recruitment; it is about fostering a community of skilled professionals poised to drive innovation and excellence.

Courses Offered


UI/UX development creates visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for applications, ensuring a positive and intuitive user experience by designing and implementing graphical and interactive elements.

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Flutter Development

Flutter, by Google, enables cross-platform app development with a single codebase using Dart and a widget-based approach for consistent and responsive user interfaces.

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Backend Development

Backend development builds the server-side of applications, managing data and business logic, often using technologies like databases and server frameworks.

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Frontend Development

Frontend development focuses on creating user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design the visual elements that users interact with.

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Why an Academy?

The academy serves as a strategic investment, cultivating a robust talent pipeline for seamless intern-to-full-time transitions. Through a structured program, it nurtures immediate skill growth, bridging the industry-skill gap. This mutually beneficial platform accelerates the development of aspiring professionals while providing partner companies with rapid talent infusion for faster growth.

The Journey


Our Alumni Says

Mastering Flutter at TGH Academy: A Group Learning Experience

Having the course Flutter at TGH Academy has been a great experience for me. It helped me to learn the concepts of flutter in a structured manner. The team project provided me with an experience of how people work on a project as a group. Our mentors were so supportive & helped me a lot in clearing doubts through messages and live sessions. Overall, it was an awesome experience.

Nithin A

Flutter Development

My Flutter Journey at TGH Academy

I'm currently midway through my two-month Flutter internship at TGH Academy, and it's been an incredible learning experience so far. The hands-on projects and supportive mentors have already made a positive impact on my understanding of Flutter development. Excited to continue the journey and see where the remaining time takes me!

Diya Jaleel

Flutter Development

From React.js Basics to Real-World Web Development at TGH

I had an awesome time at TGH. Learning React.js and becoming a front-end developer was like a coding adventure. The mentors were super helpful. They didn't just teach us the basics we moved into real-world things like building websites. It's really an amazing experience!

Fathima Shada

Front-end development

From Intern to Full-Time: Allen Fencer’s Growth Journey at TGH Tech

My journey at TGH Tech began as an intern, and the growth I've experienced has been phenomenal. My capacity to collaborate well with others was improved by the collaborative atmosphere, which promoted a strong sense of teamwork. The positive work culture and excellent management inspired me to transition into a full-time role.

Allen Fencer

Flutter Development

UI/UX Journey: From Basics to Professional Skills at TGH Academy

TGH Academy provided the foundation for my UI/UX journey, guiding me from basics to prototyping. Pro mentors and hands-on projects polished my skills, transforming passion into expertise. Now interning at TGH Tech, the expert guidance continues to propel my design journey. Grateful for TGH Academy's role in leveling up my design game!


UI/UX Design