Our Approach

What exactly does TGH Tech do?

This is the optimal process we follow to ensure the highest probability of success while building a product. While you have the flexibility to omit certain steps, it's important to note that doing so might reduce the likelihood of achieving the best possible outcome.

Requirement Gathering
01 / 10

Through detailed conversations, we understand your product vision and specific requirements, ensuring we capture your exact needs.

Assumption Validation
02 / 10

We rigorously test and validate assumptions made during ideation to align our direction with your expectations and ensure we're on the right track.

Feature Finalization
03 / 10

Together, we determine and finalize standout features and functionalities that meet user needs and set your product apart from the competition.

UX definition
04 / 10

We create a visual representation of the user journey and interactions within the product. It helps to illustrate the steps a user takes to accomplish their goals and the various paths they can follow.

05 / 10

We develop basic visual product layouts, providing a clear roadmap for development and aligning our understanding of the product's structure and flow.

06 / 10

We develop interactive and functional prototypes that allow us to see and feel how the product will look and behave, making it easier for us to iterate and refine our ideas.

Software development
07 / 10

We dive into the coding and programming, bringing the product to life by implementing all the features and functionalities we've planned.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
08 / 10

We involve a set of users in the testing process to ensure the product meets their requirements and expectations.

09 / 10

Once we're confident in the quality of the product, we deploy it on the cloud for public use or within the intended environment.

Feedback measurement
10 / 10

We actively gather and analyze user feedback to assess the performance of the product. This helps identify areas for improvement.

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