Published on October 07, 2023|Talent

Stepping into the Unknown: Building an Academy and Becoming a Leader

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In the journey of personal growth and leadership development, one crucial element often overlooked is the creation of a safe space for exploration and experimentation. The fear of failure, judgment, and the infamous "what ifs" can be paralyzing. However, I've come to trust that taking that first step with a clear idea and a genuine motive can pave the way for remarkable achievements.

My background was far from conventional leadership training. I had experience planning and executing surprise birthday parties, college events, and even hostel fests, but I had never stood before an audience I didn't know. Yet, I felt a calling to establish an academy, despite my lack of experience in managing teams and leading them to fulfill a shared mission.

TGH Academy is built with an aim to empower individuals with constraints by various circumstances, enabling them to acquire a valuable skill set without the need for significant investments. We empower individuals to unleash their full potential in the world of software development and design. Our team members themselves created the curriculum and assessments in between their allotted projects. So, this is going to be personalized mentorship for students who possess a basic level of coding. For more details, check out our brochure.

This endeavor isn't just about spreading knowledge; it is about cultivating the qualities essential to becoming a great mentor, a crucial step on the path to leadership. The challenge lay in managing a team of individuals I had only recently met and ensuring that our shared vision resonated not only with the team but also with the students we aimed to inspire. In retrospect, this journey taught me that the fear of the unknown should never hold us back from pursuing our passions and ambitions. It's in those uncharted territories that we discover our true potential and, ultimately, become the leaders we aspire to be.

Here are some key insights I gained from my team during this first step:

  • Not everyone will notice your mistakes as you do; most of the time, people will be immersed in their own thoughts and sights.

  • Open communication always yields more productivity and ideas. Even when you can't think of a specific solution for a problem for a long time, open communication with a team member might yield endless ideas.

  • Encouragement and appreciation always go hand in hand; they just let you go that extra mile.

  • Even when something doesn't work as we thought it would, that doesn't mean it won't work ever. Give it some time, and wonders may happen.

  • Admitting vulnerability and the willingness to learn from others helped build trust within the team. Team members recognized that I valued their input and was committed to our shared goals.

There were times when I faced challenges for which I didn't have an immediate solution. Instead of pretending to have all the answers, I openly acknowledged my limitations and collaborated with the team members who possessed the knowledge and insights I lacked. It's essential for one to acknowledge their strengths while also recognizing when they need help from others. It was a reminder that true leadership isn't about having all the answers; it's about inspiring a collective journey toward finding them.

We often underestimate our ability to adapt and thrive in unfamiliar territory. The lessons I've learned, guided by my team, are invaluable reminders that growth and transformation flourish when we confront our fears and embrace new challenges. So, embrace the uncertainty, take that first step, and trust that the path will reveal itself as you go.

Written by

Fida Subair

Program Director, TGH Academy