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Discovering the World of Web Development using Flutter

Here at TGH Tech, we primarily use Flutter for developing apps since we can ship out to Android and iOS devices with the same codebase. For the web, we primarily use Next.js, but recently we were thinking about exploring Flutter Web.

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Deepak Mathews Koshy

TGH Staff

Stepping into the Unknown: Building an Academy and Becoming a Leader

In the journey of personal growth and leadership development, one crucial element often overlooked is the creation of a safe space for exploration and experimentation. The fear of failure, judgment, and the infamous "what ifs" can be paralyzing. However, I've come to trust that taking that first step with a clear idea and a genuine motive can pave the way for remarkable achievements.

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Fida Subair

TGH Staff

Why we prioritize our team's happiness over everything else.

When we started TGH Tech in 2020, there was a lot of uncertainty in our minds, which was compounded by a pandemic ravaging the world. We were extremely young and ambitious and didn’t want to settle for running a normal software development company. The IT services industry had a universally accepted playbook which gave you enough instructions to build the company to a certain scale, following which you’re very likely to hit the proverbial glass ceiling. No, we wanted to be different. We wanted t

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Sachin S Joseph